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Able Lives: Women’s experience of paralysis

Edited by Jenny Morris, illustrated by Angela Martin; London, England: The Women’s Press; 1989 ISBN 0-7043-4155-7

In this book, women with spinal injuries speak about the nitty-gritty of their daily lives, their hopes and concerns. They review experiences of injury and hospitalisation and describe the challenge of taking up the threads of life again. They discuss practical matters – housing, money and careers – as well as more personal issues of pain, incontinence, relationships and motherhood.

Written for themselves, for relatives and friends, this challenging collection is also aimed at doctors, social workers, and all those in the “caring professions”. It will prove an eye-opener for the able bodied society, which further disables those with disabilities, with its unthinking assumptions and conventional organisation of the environment.

Women with physical disabilities: Achieving and maintaining health and well-being

Edited by Danuta M. Krotoski, Margaret A. Nosek and Margaret A. Turk; Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Paul H. Brookes; 1996 ISBN 1-55766-234-7

This groundbreaking volume introduces the critical concept of women’s health in the context of physical disabilities. It provides women with disabilities, health care professionals, and the concerned families, with insights into the unique life situations experienced by women with disabilities, and how these experiences affect their health.

Thought provoking chapters, many by women with physical disabilities recounting their personal struggles to maintain their health and well being, highlight the need for accurate, current information on the mental and physical health of girls and women with disabilities. Responding to current interest in women’s health, this book provides important insight into what will be needed in the future of health policies.