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You can support the on-going work of PQSA by leaving a Bequest to our organisation in your Will. As a member of Charity Direct, PQSA will ensure your bequest is utilised accordingly.

Why make a WILL?

A WILL is a forward plan of how you would like your assets distributed after your passing. You need a WILL – otherwise your Estate may not be shared in the way you wish. A WILL can direct who will look after your affairs and leave gifts that will be treasured by loved ones and those in need. Your WILL allows you to make appropriate provision for your family and close friends, and to extend your support of organisations important to you. A WILL shows YOU CARE!

What if you do not have a WILL?

If you do not have a valid WILL, you are said to die “intestate”. Your Estate is then distributed according to state laws, which are often not in line with your wishes and can tie up the Estate for years, incurring expensive legal costs. If you die without leaving a WILL, your spouse could receive the first $100,000 of your personal chattels and one-third balance of your Estate. Any children will receive the remaining two-thirds shared equally between them. If no relatives are found, the Government will inherit your Estate.

Drafting a WILL

PQSA strongly advises you to consult a Solicitor (it need not be expensive), who will ensure your wishes are properly expressed using the correct legal terms. PQSA can recommend a Solicitor if you wish. Remember to:
– Think of who you would like to provide for
– List the charities you would like to support
– Decide how to share your property
– Choose an Executor to carry out your wishes

Types of Bequests

A Percentage Bequest: Sharing your Estate amongst a group of people, without identifying specific items of property or money.
A Residual Bequest: After leaving specific assets to close ones, you may choose to leave the balance to others or PQSA.
A Specific Bequest: Specifying anything of value, as long as it can be easily identified.
A Life Interest: Property or interest on capital investments for use by a loved one. Upon their death, the property or investments will be passed on to other nominated beneficiaries.

Why Leave a Bequest to PQSA?

When you are planning or updating your WILL, please consider PQSA. Our wide range of services are designed to rebuild the lives of people who have experienced the trauma of a Spinal Cord Injury, and their families and friends. Your Bequest can be used for a specific project or service, and will be carefully applied according to your wishes. A well planned WILL can provide you with peace of mind while making a life long difference!

Let PQSA know!

If you have decided to recognise the work of PQSA in your WILL, please let us know when you complete it. While surprises can be nice, we would rather thank you personally, rather than thanking your Executor. If you decide you would like to leave a Bequest to a particular project or service, it would be advisable to discuss it with us first. For more information on the services provided by PQSA or to discuss your WILL, please contact PQSA today on (08) 8355 3500 or 1800 063 419.

Wording to use when leaving a Bequest to PQSA

The following wording is provided as a guide for leaving a Bequest to PQSA: I (name) devise and bequeath to PQSA free of all duties, the following: (insert details of your Bequest). I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other Proper Officer of PQSA shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for the Bequest, which is to be applied to the general purposes of PQSA. For more information, please contact PQSA on (08) 8355 3500 or e-mail