What people are saying about PQSA:

Volunteer Program

“Since moving in to residential care, I’ve grown to love my volunteer’s dogs as much as my own. They bring so much joy when they visit.”

– Marilyn (client)

“What I most enjoy about volunteering with Cuong is the conversations we have about almost anything. Similar interests, talking about high tech gadgets, sharing cultural differences and learning about new things.”

– Nishana (Volunteer)

“I look forward to catching up with Nishana fortnightly on a Thursday, I enjoy our talks and window shopping together.”

– Cuong (client)

“I love that Jes can come and walk my beautiful dog, I couldn’t do it without her.”

– Amanda (client)

“I love meeting worldly people like Malcolm to share stories with and strike up a 3 way friendship, all because of walking Odie, who gives me the biggest smile when I arrive and is so happy when we walk, Malcolm is always grateful…I think Odie is pretty happy too.”

– Graeme (Volunteer)

“When thinking about why I chose to volunteer with PQSA, there are two reasons that jump out at me. The first is the deeply held belief of the importance of helping others. The second reason I volunteer for PQSA is because I have personally felt the consequences of a Spinal Cord Injury. I was fortunate to have a better than anticipated recovery that has given me independence I was not expected to have. I never forgot the support I gained from the organisation and just wanted to give a little back.”

– Anonymous

Discovering the Power in Me

“Awesome format, presenters and presentation.”

“Presenters very warm and generous allowing all participants to speak freely.”

“Very thought provoking. Coming away from this course has given me excellent tools to reach my goals and have a great and fulfilling life.”

“It was very intensive, but very inspiring. I believe I can do it bit by bit!”

“Thank you for providing this fantastic course. It changed my way of thinking tremendously.”

“Everybody should do this course.”

“This was amazing and I really do recommend this course for anybody.”