Recreation Program

PQSA Recreation Program

A full range of recreational interests are covered through the PQSA Recreation Program groups that meet on a regular basis. PQSA helps organise access to all types of recreational interests.

PQSA has established 2 Recreation Groups, the Northern Group and the Southern Group, that get together fortnightly across Metropolitan Adelaide, to meet the needs of adults who use a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility.

The PQSA Recreation Program provides adults of all ages with the perfect opportunity to get together with others in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Meeting fortnightly, these groups provide an opportunity for you to establish friendships with those in your community. Attending a PQSA Recreation Program activity can be the perfect way to meet fellow clients and members who share similar interests to you.

PQSA can assist with organising transport.

Call Mick Occhiuto on 8355 3500, or email to find out what activities are happening in your area and how PQSA can help you.

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