Home Based Counselling

Coping with a spinal cord injury may be the greatest challenge that you, your family and friends will face in your life. PQSA offers a Home Based Counselling service free of charge.

A qualified social worker will visit you and provide:

  • The opportunity for you to discuss your prticular issues and concerns within your own environment
  • Support to help resolve these issues
  • Assistance for you in adapting to living in the community after sustaining a spinal cord injury
  • Information on resources available, both within the community and at PQSA
  • Assistance for you to establish links with appropriate services within the community

PQSA will also:

  • Act on your behalf on issues and concerns you raise relating to your independence in the community
  • Work with committees, government and non government agencies to take up issues, change policy and improve services available to people with spinal cord injury.

For help, please contact Sharron Neeson on 8355 3500 or email at

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