Accommodation Advisory Service

Finding an ​accessible home can be a challenge, however PQSA has an Accommodation Advisor who can help secure suitable housing for those with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

The Accommodation Advisory Service can help you with:

  • Assistance locating accessible housing in the public, community and private sectors
  • Liaison with government services, such as the South Australian Housing Trust
  • Liaison with estate agents or​ landlords
  • Representation on various committees, forums and with government agencies.

As part of our commitment to the South Australian d​isability c​ommunity, PQSA developed two housing p​rojects in South Australia. The homes have been planned using the principles of universal housing design to maximise accessibility and independence.

  • ‘Ramsay’ located in Hillcrest, north-east of Adelaide, is a group of three homes utilised by patients of the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre while modifications are made to their existing home, or while waiting for an accessible home to become available
  • ​’Corriedale’, located in Mt. Gambier, is a group of 5 accessible homes  providing vital accommodation for people with SCI. This project was a positive example of the business, Government and disability sectors working together to benefit the South Australian community.

For more information, please contact Heather Hales on (08) ​8355 3500 or

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