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Good Looking, Easy Swallowing – creative catering for modified texture diets

Janet Martin & Jane Backhouse; Australia: JFC Foundation; 1993 ISBN 1875412026

This book has been designed as a resource for caterers and caregivers of people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

People with dysphagia may live at home, in nursing homes, hostels or a hospital setting. Nursing, catering and other staff members need to be informed about the special needs of these patients. In the community, family members are frequently required to take on caregiving roles and must be well versed in all aspects of the day to day care of the person with dysphagia.

This book aims to enhance safety and enjoyment of eating and drinking for those with dysphagia by considering:

  1. Identification of potential swallowing difficulties
  2. Steps in the management of swallowing difficulties
  3. Mealtime management strategies
  4. Appropriate texture (or consistency) of foods
  5. Nutritional value of meals
  6. Presentation, taste and smell of meals
  7. Variety of diet