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Beyond Embarrassment

JoAnne Lake with Julia Parker, MS, MLIS; Washington, America: Triumph Media Press; 2016 ISBN 978-0-9964305-4-8

JoAnne’s story is engaging. It inspires, while offering suggestions for managing life’s hurdles. In an honest, will-to-succeed style, this journey focuses on a neurogenic bladder and bowel condition in which a person lacks control due to a brain, spinal cord, or nerve condition. The source can be aging, a chronic health condition, trauma, or many other causes. Whether diagnosis is an underactive or overactive bladder, with varying symptoms, the difficult daily reality is shared.

  1. Valuable guide, much like a fresh prescription filled with practical advice
  2. Educates, empathizes, and encourages women who struggle with the same health issue
  3. Written with a girlfriend-to-girlfriend feel, sharing the path to survival and success
  4. Sprinkled with Tips and Knowledge Nuggets that highlight points of importance
  5. Equips the reader to live everyday to the utmost

With input from expert medical research librarian and Biosleuth, Julia Parker, readers will discover current research and facts, equipping them to meet their challenges and work with medical teams. Valuable for healthcare professionals to share with patients.

Understanding Incontinence: A practical guide to the treatment and management of bladder control problems

Edited by John Annison, Josephine Jenkinson, William Sparrow & Elizabeth Bethune; Victoria, Australia: Nelson Thompson Learning; 1996 ISBN 0170090787

This Australian text provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of disability studies from the perspective of the health care provider and the multidisciplinary health care team. The book’s broad focus looks at disabilities across the life span. It covers developmental and acquired physical and mental disabilities, as well as rehabilition issues.

Urinary Incontinence: A practical guide for people with bladder control problems, their carers and health care professionals

David Fonda & Cynthea Wellings; Melbourne, Australia: AECD Publishing; 1987 ISBN 0-86839-808-X

For too long, loss of bladder control has been silently suffered by many people both young and old. Much can be done to regain bladder control.

This book provides clear, concise and practical guidelines for people suffering from the distressing condition of urinary incontinence. It is also valuable reading for families and carers of incontinent people as well as for health care professionals.