About PQSA

About Us

The Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of SA (PQSA, but also known as PARAQUAD SA) has a history of providing services to people living with disability in South Australia for over 50 years and is the peak community body supporting people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to live their potential.

A not for profit community organisation, PQSA is run by a team of passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers.

PQSA upholds a care, support, lobbyist and educator role within the SCI and wider community. We pride ourselves on global best-practice knowledge, expertise and products to provide quality lifestyle outcomes and leading SCI management for people living with an injury as well as carers.

PQSA is a foundation member of the Australian Spinal Injury Alliance and is represented on many Government and NGO Committees with respect to disability, service quality, accommodation and workforce development. We hold current accreditation with the Australian Service Excellence Standards.

Through our fee-for-service division, HomeCare+, we also provide individualised and quality services that are accessible in the broader community. All proceeds from this service assist us to fund our suite of free support services that are offered across the state. We also rely on the generous support of the South Australian community to provide these essential services.